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Betsy Miller Vocal Lessons

Betsy Miller teaches singing for beginners to advanced level. Children are welcome.

Singing lessons
Lessons take place in either english or german language, and cover the following:

  • Breathing techniques, basic exercises, rhythms, warming-up
  • Text, phrasing, expression and interpretation
  • working through musical pieces, effective practice, dealing with muscal notation, playback and sound recording for beginners (according to need)
  • Improvisation, microphone technique
  • Band coaching and coaching for recording studio work
  • Music styles – pop, jazz, rock, soul, musical and other genres
  • 10 lesson cards are available
  • recording in Betsy Miller’s homestudio possible

    For further information or questions, send me an e-mail or simply phone me.

    Music Schools:

    (Teacher for Pop, Jazz, Musical singing)
    Der Akademie für Musik und Kultur Hamburg (until present)
    Julius – Leber – Gesamtschule Musik Verein (until present)
    “OnStage” Jugend-Bühne-Schulen Hamburg


    Niedersachsen 2003:
    Frauen Musik Tagen Niedersachsen Kurs:
    “We all are one” – Chor Gesangs Workshop

    Hamburg Kirchdorf Süd, 2003:
    Mädchenclub KIRCHDORF SÜD

    Hamburg , 2002:
    “Becoming Profi – A Workshop for Vocalists”
    Instructors: Betsy Miller & Cynthia Utterbach

    Hamburg , 2001
    “ Jazzical – Get your act together! ”
    Vocal Performance Workshop
    Instructor: Betsy Miller & Cynthia Utterbach

    Göhrde, 2000
    “Sing your Song” Vocal Workshop
    Seminarhaus Dübbekold, Göhrde

    Hamburg Neuwiedenthal, 2000
    Mädchenclub Neuwiedenthal

    Hamburg, 1998
    “ Jazzical – Vocal Performance Workshop”
    Instructor: Betsy Miller & Cynthia Utterbach

    and many more

    Dozentin für diverse Frauen Musik Wochen Mädchen Projekte:
    Frauen Seminar Hauser
    Alten Bücken,
    BFA Lüneburg,

    Dozentin Hamburger Jugendzentren:
    JZ Niendorf,
    Mädchenclub Neuwiedenthal,
    JZ Kirchdorf – Süd,
    Mädchen Spektakel(n) Hamburg.