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Betsy Miller - The Voice

Betsy Miller

Betsy Miller is a Singer, Songwriter and seasoned Musical Performer.

The american-born singer has thrilled audiences in many european Musical Productions, including for example “The Buddy Holly Story” and “Freak Out”.

Betsy sings for large and small private functions, events, congresses and cruise ships. Together with various artists she delivers professional and brilliant stage shows. She is also in demand for speaking and music recordings for film, tv, radio and advertising.

Classics from the world of musicals are all present in Betsy Miller’s extensive repertoire. With swing and humour she transports fun and enjoyment to her audience. Whether she presents highlights from musicals, or presents her own compositions, it’s clear the singer and actress is completely in her element. There’s no business like show business.

Jazz, Pop and Soul are genres in which Betsy Miller is completely at home. When the bi-lingual artist interprets Jazz Ballads, an intimite club atmosphere fills the concert hall or theatre. Pop hits with groovy accompaniment soon have everyone joining in with the music. And when Betsy Miller projects her soulful voice, she’s a heartfelt singer with charisma.

Betsy Miller is multi-talented. She is 100% Musicality, Rhythm, Body and Soul.